Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We propose a CRM system including a flexible framework with over 20 modules, covering sales, support, marketing, inventory, projects, calendar and many more.

The CRM will provide a complete overview of your customers, contacts and suppliers from one single location. All their information is linked to your unique customer card. Information and interactions with your customers, email communications, notes, contracts, order history, ledgers and all files are linked to your customer card and found here.

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Custom Web Development Services

We endeavor to create unique customized responsive web development. This permits us to give you a user-friendly, stable and reliable website.

Our Custom Web Programming Capabilities:

  • CMS, Framework, MySQL
  • AJAX/Javascript/jQuery
  • PHP, Python, Node.js
  • Google Maps API and other GIS technologies
  • eCommerce/Subscription/Payment integration
  • WordPress custom theming and development

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Cloud Server

  • Easily scalable; can be adjust as needed.
  • Your team can connect from anywhere.
  • Data can be backed up in the cloud as regularly.
  • Firewall rules to restrict access as you wish.

Your Own Server

  • Requires a capital investment in hardware.
  • Requires space in your office for rack space or a server room.
  • May be more susceptible to data loss during disaster situations.
  • No uptime guarantees.