Digital Asset Management software is the easy, fast and secure way to get your digital assets organized.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) provides a working and long-lasting solution for enterprises to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files. Controlled access to digital assets, including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentation, documents and more, is made available to peers, employees, clients, contractors and many other key stakeholders by a centralized digital library that’s easy and fast to use.

The Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

The digital asset management software gives you complete access to your digital media. Whether you’re at your desk, taking care of your business from home or halfway across the world, you can be rest assured you’ll have all your business-critical files 24/7 securely at your fingertips from a web device. Businesses are more dynamic today, compared to what was obtainable in the past. DAM gives you precisely what you require to easily manage, access, share and track all your digital assets.

Connecting teams and files

By effortlessly organising, sharing and distributing assets among colleagues, DAM makes collaboration happen.


Sharing Made Simpler

DAM allows you to forward and receive assets both internally and externally, without compromising security, eliminating the need to email bulking files. Also, by utilising shared resource collections, you can enhance and foster the formation of collaborative communities.

Let’s get Social

DAM gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with a wider audience, and that’s why it supports easy distributing to social media channels; you can export to your favorite platforms, such as YouTube, WordPress, Flickr, Drupal, Joomla and many other CMS systems.

Easily Embed Content

Make your perfect selection of images and incredible videos available to view on external sites by embedding slideshows or video content. DAM makes producing slideshows and embedding videos to third party sites easy and effortless by means of simple instructions made available to users.

A Community That Contributes

Resources that can then be reviewed and approved by your designated administrator can be submitted and provided by users. Once accessible to others, you’ll have a system of user-generated content that inspires members to actively contribute and participate.

Access That You Control

Keep your files protected and secure with state-of-the-art privacy settings.

  • Permissions You Control: With DAM, you can always monitor and supervise the viewing and use of your assets, assess and approve user uploads, allocate access, and generate secure URLs for third party sharing.
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On: Tested with Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Directory servers, the LDAP plugin affords users the opportunity to use universal credentials, meaning they can log in to DAM with the same credentials they use to log on to computers on the network of your organisation.
  • Configure for Multiple User Privacy: Within DAM, you can enable multiple users whose resources are kept private from each other. This enables you to create a private environment where collections of assets can be divided from the central hub and given their own restricted access, ideal if you are an individual working across several separate client accounts.

Fast and Flexible Search

Automatic file previews and conversion for hundreds of file formats. With the availability of comprehensive search accuracy, locating your digital assets is now fast and reliable.

  • Global Search: You can effectively pinpoint your assets by geographic location, using the comprehensive and effective search functionality of DAM. The system also makes available a wide range of languages, giving you a truly international search experience.
  • Searching on Your Own Terms: DAM provides you more than just basic file searching. Utilising the efficiency of DAM, the definition of the terms you require can be done efficiently in a more detailed and controlled manner. Using special search tools such as full string matching and searching by criteria or field value matches, finding what you need is made easy for you.
  • Intelligent Ordering: Using prior search activity to generate relevant resources, search results are ordered intelligently. This enhances the discovery of higher quality assets, affecting the DAM of your best content.

Workflow and Version Control

The DAM system that improves the way you work.

Seamlessly Integrates

Compatible with a wide range of existing systems. Integrate DAM with the other efficient systems you bank on, thereby increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

Preview and Convert Thousands of File Formats

Dictate the size and style of the assets you need. Integrate DAM with the other systems you trust, to increase your efficiency.


Main Features Page Abstract Image

File preview and conversion for thousands of image, video and document formats is provided by DAM, including page-by-page browsing of PDFs. It also automatically generates web-ready video previews.

Direct Download

Resources in the required custom size, quality and format can be directly downloaded to the user’s computer – opening third party editing software is not necessary, as these easy conversion processes can be executed in-app.


Watermarks, such as logos, can be embedded in images for the purpose of retaining the authority of ownership. Watermarked images can be displayed instead of the common thumbnails or previews for selected user groups.

Transpose Automatically

Your uploaded files can be automatically transposed to required formats, resolutions, DPI and bit-rates by DAM – provide your staff with the format they need, thereby saving time.

Create and Deploy at the Speed of Business

Many organizations are continuing to work with traditional methods & tools to manage their digital assets, making it especially difficult to store, search, find and share the specific properties they need. Necessarily, outdated asset management solutions lead to reduced performance, lower efficiency and a lack of ease and autonomy for users.

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In today's rapidly changing world, forced by the arrival of digital, mobile and social networks, the quantity of assets and variety of formats that marketing and communications teams have to manage and produce have risen steeply.