Customize your personal CRM system

We will provide you with a core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that you can use to effectively manage your sales, customers and teamwork.

Full control of all customers

The CRM will provide a complete overview of your customers, contacts and suppliers from one single location. All their information is linked to your unique customer card. Information and interactions with your customers, email communications, notes, contracts, order history, ledgers and all files are linked to your customer card and found here.

Everyone in the company is able to work on the same database in real time, from various devices – desktop, tablet, mobile.


Workflow is an efficient, powerful, and flexible tool that allows you to streamline and automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc. You design automated actions just how you need them to run, and they will be performed automatically.

CRM Modules

We propose a CRM system including a flexible framework with over 20 modules, covering sales, support, marketing, inventory, projects, calendar and many more.
The core CRM can be seamlessly integrated with other modules such as accounting, project management, hour registration and collaboration, as well as marketing automation, campaign tools and customer service, to name a few.



In CRM, a lead is an unqualified customer. Generating leads is the first step of the sales process in the CRM. A lead record contains the information of a person and the company they are associated with.

Accounts and Contacts

A contact is a qualified sales lead. Contacts and leads respectively differentiate qualified customers from the huge list of unqualified customers. Contacts also represent the people that are conducting business with you.


An organization represents a company or an institution that has multiple employees associated with it. You can track business deals through Opportunities.


Opportunities represents prospects with a good chance of generating revenue, and provides strategies to follow up potential customers with who you are likely to successfully close a sale.


An invoice here is a non-negotiable itemized statement issued to the customer for products and services.


A quote is a formal statement issued from a seller to a buyer upon enquiry or request.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are used to track all the products and services that have been ordered and should be delivered, in one way or another, to customers.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a legal document given to the vendor to purchase products or services.


Campaigns offers your marketing team the ability to schedule and execute mass marketing campaigns.


A project is a planned work that includes specific goals, dates, budgets, progress, etc.


The payments module enables you to accept payments, and track your incoming and outgoing payments, online.


Products shows your inventory of goods. These can be both procured from suppliers and/or rendered to customers.


Services refer to the assistance you offer to benefit your customers.

Price Books

Price books gives you the ability to attribute different prices to your products in inventory.


Tickets (also called as cases) are post-sale support requests from your customers.


Assets helps your support center to audit individual products, and cases resolved upon them.

Service Contracts

A service contract is a negotiated agreement between seller and buyer to offer services.


A vendor is a person or organization that supplies products and/or services to your company.

Mail Manager

The mail manager is an integrated email client that gives users the ability to perform CRM actions on incoming email.


The calendar module allows you to schedule, share, track and follow-up events and to-dos.


Documents are internal or external files you that upload and save within your CRM.

SMS Notifier

The SMS notifier is used to automate sending SMSs to selected records in your CRM.

Phone Calls

The phone calls module connects your CRM to other phone services, like Twilio and Plivo. It also allows you to set up your own Asterisk.

Email Campaigns

The email campaigns module allows you to send beautiful, targeted campaigns to a defined list of contacts, and then measure clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and bounces.


Forecast helps you to predict and plan your business’s sales, an integral part of business management.

Sales opportunities

Record sales opportunities and update relevant information and steps in the sales process while on the move.

This feature gives sales reps an informative overview of their pipeline at the stroke of a key. It also gives them the ability to record new sales opportunities on the go, for example when out in meetings, at trade shows, on the sales stand, etc.

You can also access useful reports showing the company’s entire pipeline and value at each step in the active sales processes, trends over the past 12 months, and the top 10 sales reps. This allows sales managers and management to obtain real-time sales activity and statuses via mobile or tablet.

Notification of all sales can occur directly on your laptop, mobile or smart watch.

Insight and full activity overview in real time

The CRM gives management access to a variety of reports that provide a complete overview of sales, target attainment and activity level. In the system’s budget feature, you can see attainment of budget targets on departmental, team and sales rep levels.

Trading history gives a picture of what sales activities have been taken place in the past and what can be improved. Do you want to know which campaigns and sources result in the most sales? Or whether your sales targets are realistic? You can extract a lot of useful information from the CRM system to streamline your sales process.

Customize your CRM requirements

Adapting the features of the CRM system to the needs of each customer is central to our business model and strategy. We install the system to ensure that you can easily add to the features of the core CRM system.