What Is Project Management?

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project tasks in order to reach a project goal.

Project & Time Management

It’s important for each project and consultancy operation to have control of all phases – from planning, implementation and time registration through to finance. Convert2Web provides you with an all-in-one, intelligent solution for managing all of your projects, both in the office and from the road.

Full project overview from start to finish

Convert2Web allows you to easily plan project implementation from A to Z, assign tasks, manage rights and invite any number of participants to take part in projects. All projects are automatically assigned a project number when created, so that all incomings and outgoings for the project can be linked and tracked against that number.

Flexible and efficient time registration

Project managers can create a number of categories, products and services – anything from hourly rates to transport, equipment and materials – and this means that employees can easily record the same. Plus, it can all be done from a laptop, tablet or smart phone – from in the office or out.

Each user has a full overview of his or her active projects, the most recent projects they have spent time on, and the projects they have been invited to or which have been added by the project manager.

Users can, of course, create new projects directly from their mobiles (or any device for that matter).

Full control of project finances

Project managers remain consistently up-to-date on both finances and progress within the project.

Since all data is recorded continuously, delays in billing from incomplete information regarding tasks being performed are avoided. As soon as all participants in a project have set their status to «completed», the project manager automatically has all figures and data needed to invoice the customer.

It is up to you whether you want to send invoices electronically, as PDFs or in print invoice format.

Enterprise Features

Create a project plan even though the task-level details are still vague. Have your employees work on their area of expertise and your project will seamlessly come together in the middle.
Control your work packages graphically. Change the user interface to how you want it to be. Experience a streamlined overview of, and access to, your process, people and products via the analytical and illustrative project breakdown structure.
Create a project baseline and compare this with the forecasts of your virtual teams. Keep a handle on your milestones and always know how your project is progressing. This system is designed for simplicity, ease of use and encourages teamwork!
Schedule your projects with innovative project scheduling tools. You can create work packages, define dependencies, allocate resources, and more. Changes are quick and easy to make via click-and-drag within Gantt charts.
View the status of multiple projects instantly through the Project Dashboard. This tracking system features milestones and simple charts for quick status reports and early warning red flags.
Record time spent on tasks, enter estimated time to complete tasks, and update project statuses, all in real time. Track time via iPhones, BlackBerrys, or Androids, in networks or online.
  • Manage Different Project Types
  • Think with Graphical Work Breakdown Structure
  • Customize Perspectives for Planning, Controlling, Reporting and Others
  • Use Top-Down and/or Bottom-Up Planning Strategically
  • Define Teams, Assign Roles and Engage Project Staff
  • Manage Project Portfolios and View Project Breakdown Structures
  • Analyze with Graphical Indicator
  • Manage through Integrated Reports

Gain insight via Dashboard

The project list gives you a full overview of the finances and status of all projects, all in one place. You can even customize your reports and get a full overview of sales revenue, profit, contribution margin, contribution-to-sales ratio etc.